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offers a complete service in managing/handling the clean up of a spray paint overspray loss or whatever the damage may be. Not all spray paint removal services are the same. Some are simply over glorified car washes that let harsh chemicals do most of the work which can harm your paints finish over time. We are a Nationwide Spray Paint Overspray Removal Service and a one or full time maintenance Pressure Washing Service.

Overspray USA takes a more hands-on approach to our professional detailing through our trained technicians (overspray experts). We use a few tricks of the trade and state of the art technology (expert hand-polishing and overspray clay or professional detailing clay bar providing deep paint cleaning safely and completely) which produces guaranteed results and satisfaction. Whether its cleaning spray paint (epoxies, enamel or latex base paints, tar, graffiti, polyurethane foam, etc..) damage from vehicles, machinery, buildings, etc… or pressure washing homes, office buildings, shopping malls, parking lots, etc… the results are the same. We offer quality documentation, prompt service and extensive savings when compared to repainting and/or replacing.

Overspray USA has more than 25 years experience in removing various types of spray paint contaminants from finished surfaces. We are the most successful and cost savings method in the industry. Thank you for visiting our site and should you require more information or would like to meet with someone to discuss our company methods, call for assistance…

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